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Melissa Martin isn’t a fan of cold weather, but if dealing with snow means she gets her dream job, she’ll suffer through it. After years of working as a news reporter in Kansas, she’s finally landed a coveted anchor position at a Minnesota news station. There’s just one problem—the meteorologist she’ll be working with is her ex-fiancé.


Arthur “Tripp” Bartlett III believes it’s fate that Melissa is in Minnesota. Years ago, he broke her heart when he left on their wedding day. Since then, he’s matured and is ready for a relationship now, but Melissa’s not about to let him back into her life, let alone her bed. 


But Tripp is persistent. He asks Melissa to give him until Valentine’s Day to prove to her that he’s changed. He’ll show her that winter in Minnesota can be fun, and hopefully by February, she’ll realize they’re still good together. Melissa isn’t sure that anything involving snow could be enjoyable, but she owes it to herself to see if she and Tripp might have a future.


When Melissa rides out a blizzard with Tripp, ignoring her feelings might be near impossible. But Melissa wants a commitment, and if Tripp isn’t ready to give her that, she risks getting her heart broken again. 

WHEN THE ICE MELTS is the second story in the Storm Series, but it can also be read as a standalone novel.



This book hits right in the feels from Chapter 1! What’s not to love in a second chance romance with one month to repair broken trust between a news anchor and a meteorologist who split up years before at the altar?  -ARC Reviewer

With a cast of funny, supporting characters and a bakery full of cupcakes that will make you blush, this winter romance is the perfect antidote to the winter chill. -ARC Reviewer

When the Ice Melts is the first sweet romance by Melody Loomis that I've read, although it's part of a series. It's wonderful and a must-read for anyone looking for a new love story to cuddle up with this winter. -ARC Reviewer

I'm a sucker for a second chance romance. If you love slow burn, banter, and fun adventures, this is the book for you.  -ARC Reviewer

It’s the second book in her Storm Series, and features a hero trying to convince the love of his life that winter isn’t all that bad… a tall order indeed… and that she should choose him and spend her days freezing—I mean, in happily ever after with him. - ARC Reviewer

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