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Oh, hi! I wasn’t expecting anyone to click on this page. Well now that you’re here, I guess I’ll tell you a little more about myself.


I grew up in eastern North Carolina and was a teen of the '90s, which means I knew life before the internet and cell phones. I’m glad things have changed, because it sure makes connecting with other people so much easier!


I’ve been writing stories since I was eight. I started off by writing little stories on notebook paper. When I was a teen, I discovered fanfiction. By my twenties, I was seriously considering writing my own novels. 


In addition to writing, I'm a big reader too. I grew up reading Beverly Cleary and Judy Blume. When I was older, I discovered the romance genre. I was already a big soap opera fan and enjoyed a good love story.


It probably won’t surprise you that I work in a library. My first job was in a library shelving books and I loved it. When I was looking for a career change as an adult, I ended up at the library again. I love working in a place surrounded by books, and it’s nice to browse the shelves during my breaks. It’s like being in a bookstore, but all the books are free!


I’ll end this bio with a few more random facts about me. 


-I love cats and just became a cat mama of two kittens in October 2022. Their names are Ava and Lucy. I post pictures of them to my social media occasionally, along with cat gifs, because those are my favorite!


-I taught myself to crochet from Youtube videos. I’m not an expert, but it’s still fun.

-My favorite food is pizza, and pasta second. I’m not Italian, according to my DNA, but I sure wish I was! 

-Speaking of DNA, I enjoy genealogy. I’ve traced most of my family to the 1700s. I’m mostly English with a little bit of Irish and Scottish, or at least that’s what the DNA tells me.

-I’m a morning person and get up early every morning to (hopefully) write. I'm a proud member of the #5amwritersclub, mostly on X-Twitter but on other socials too. If you're an early morning writer, come hang out with us! You can usually find me on the #5amwritersclub Discord channel doing writing sprints. 

-I put milk in my coffee.

-I’m an introvert. Most writers are.

-My favorite show is General Hospital, which I’ve watched since I was about seven. I also have all ten seasons of Friends, which is my second favorite show. I have a lot of other favorite shows, but it would be too many to list here.

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