Storm Clouds

She works for Channel 4. He works for Channel 7.


Kansas meteorologists Kit Lanier and Ryder Jackson have been rivals for a while. And when it comes to tornadoes, neither wants to miss out on the big one. So when Ryder shows off his new tornado chasing vehicle, the T-Rex, naturally Kit is a little jealous. 


When Kit loses her job, Ryder invites her to chase with him. Kit’s not about to turn down an offer to chase tornadoes in the T-Rex, even if Ryder is her rival. Though the more time she spends with Ryder, the more she realizes he’s not the man she thought he was. He may actually be a decent guy, and he’s not bad on the eyes either. Soon enough, it’s not just the storms firing up.


But Kit knows it won’t last. She needs to get the hell out of Dodge and do what she really wants to do. Her dream job is in Oklahoma, but Kit doesn’t do long distance relationships. And just when things really begin to heat up between them, Kit gets the offer of a lifetime. If she accepts, it means saying goodbye to Ryder.


But how can she leave behind the man she’s falling in love with?