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When a former professor invites him to Florida for a lightning project, meteorologist Elmer Sullivan jumps at the chance. He hopes to find his long-lost sister in nearby Clearwater. The job sounds appealing too, which requires hours on the road by himself. Or so he thinks. To his dismay, Sullivan discovers he’ll have a partner.

After their disputed car accident, the last thing Isabel Torres wants is to have Sullivan for a colleague. Quitting is not an option though, as Isabel needs this job to support her young son. Between arguments over which storm to chase and who gets to drive, it seems like they’ll never get along. Their shared love of a good thunderstorm is the only thing they can agree on. 


When trouble from Isabel’s past resurfaces, Sullivan surprises her by showing a protective side to his nature. Meanwhile, Sullivan admires Isabel’s nurturing instincts toward her son, reminding him that not everyone comes from a dysfunctional family. Before long, the spark between them becomes impossible to ignore.

Yet, just as their connection deepens, Sullivan is dealt a blow when a past mistake comes back to haunt him. Angry at himself and convinced he’s worthless, Sullivan believes everyone would be better off without him. If he can’t overcome his demons, he’ll risk losing the most meaningful relationship he’s ever known—and maybe his last chance at finally having the family he’s always longed for.

LIGHTNING STRIKES is an enemies-to-lovers/forced proximity romance. It is the third story in the Storm Series and can be read as a standalone.

CONTENT WARNING: While there are no graphic scenes, this book has brief mentions of childhood abuse (all forms, including CSA), suicide, depression, workplace sexual harassment, an assault on a female, death by drug overdose, and death of a parent. If you are sensitive to any of these topics, please read with care. 

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