A sixth grade girl deals with puberty, her first crush, and getting used to her mother’s new boyfriend while still grieving her missing father.


Sixth-grader Anna Braswell wants four things. She wants her mother to stop embarrassing her for one. She wants Patrick Petrelli to notice her. She wants her nemesis Timothy McNeil to leave her alone. But what she wants most of all is something she cannot have...her father back.

It’s been almost two years since Anna’s pilot father went missing. Everyone else has accepted his death, but the fact that his body was never found prevents Anna from giving up hope that he’s still alive. To make matters worse, her mother has a new boyfriend, Joshua. Not only has her mother completely given up on her father coming back, but now she’s in love with someone else. 


Her therapist says she needs closure, but Anna’s not sure what that is. What Anna feels she really needs is for her father to come back home and for Joshua to be gone. She’s getting tired of him coming over for dinner all the time and always horning in on their family time. But Joshua isn’t going anywhere, and he knows a thing or two about losing someone he loves. Maybe, Anna realizes, he’s not such a bad guy after all.




Seventh grade is brutal...


Anna Braswell is now in middle school, but seventh grade is already off to a bad start. 


For one, there’s dealing with the locker room, which is its own special kind of torture. For P.E., she has Coach Thornton, who yells a lot and makes them run endless laps around the football field. And to make matters worse, her crush Patrick is dating Alexis, the most popular girl in school. How will Anna get him to notice her now?


The good thing about seventh grade is that finally, her best friend Laney is going to the same school. And her friend Mary Catherine, or MC as everyone calls her, has moved to their neighborhood. Even though seventh grade is tough, at least they have each other.


But seventh grade seems a little harder for MC. She’s absent a lot and acting strange. Her stepdad has a temper and sometimes, MC comes to school with bruises. Anna can’t shake the feeling that something is wrong, but when she finds out MC’s secret, it may be too much for her to handle alone.