A serial rapist is on the loose…


Ever since she was assaulted six months ago, Amanda Barnes hasn’t been able to leave her house. Her mother does her grocery shopping. Her therapist meets with her over Skype. She even works from home, so there’s no need to leave the house. With only her dog for company, Amanda is content to spend her days lost in her romance novels. It’s the nights, however, that keep her up.

He’s going to track this criminal down...

Detective Zak Harris loves taking down the bad guys. When he finally meets his quiet next door neighbor, Zak vows to find the man who hurt her. But the case is growing cold, and the criminal is smart, leaving little forensic evidence behind. And he’s going to strike again. 

If Zak doesn’t find Amanda’s rapist, he fears she’ll never be able to move on. He knows she has demons to face, but Zak is determined to break down her walls. He’s going to get justice for Amanda, and in the process, might just fall in love with her too. 

SAFE IN HIS ARMS is the second novel in the Turtle Creek series but can also be read as a standalone novel.