Fresh out of the marines and blaming himself for his best friend’s death, Matt Parker heads home to begin his transition back into civilian life. It had been John’s dying wish that Matt make sure Sarah and his son Danny were taken care of, and Matt intends to keep that promise. He owes it to John. He doesn’t, however, expect to fall in love with Sarah himself. 


When Sarah Lambert’s husband was killed by a roadside bomb, her world came to a standstill. Now a widowed mother, she watches her son grow up without his father while trying to put the pieces of her life back together. It’s only when her old friend Matt comes back home that she begins to enjoy life again. And the fact that he’s so good with her little boy is an added bonus. 


Together, Matt and Sarah find comfort in their shared memories of John while fighting the growing attraction between them. As Sarah struggles with opening her heart to another man, Matt knows he has to tell her what happened with John. But if she knew the truth about what happened in the desert, he fears it could tear them apart forever. 


HOME SAFE is the third novel in the Turtle Creek Series but can also be read as a standalone novel.